Our Toolbox

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter System provides an accurate measure of the services being provided in your school district. It is an effective tool for measuring progress, and driving change within an organization. By using the NPS, we are able to gain a clear understanding of how services are perceived by stakeholders, and what we can do better.

Customer Effort Score

The Customer Effort Score helps us to understand how easy it was for the principal or administrator had to work to solve a problem. With this question, we can diagnose and solve key problems in how your district operates. We can also celebrate wins, building on processes that are proven to work.

Good Strategy

Strategy means more than just goals, missions, and visions for the future. Good Strategy is a process of diagnosis, guiding policy, and coherent actions. We help you create creative strategies that are clear, achievable, and measurable.

Process Improvement

Using lean six sigma methods, benchmarking, and diagnostic tools, we helpyou do more with less. We will show your teams how to effectively implement change in how their department runs. With simple changes implemented over time, your employees will become empowered to make decisions that will improve the way they work.

We change your district dynamic

The Old Model

Under the old model, districts operate on a top-down, bureaucratic approach. The schools support the central office, not the other way around. In other words, school leaders struggle to get the vital support they need.

The New Model

Under the new model, the central office is a data-driven, customer focused, support organization. School leaders become the focus of the work, instead of an impediment to the work.