Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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The Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a benchmarking tool developed by Bain & Company to measure performance and drive change.  Here at Antrim, we use it as a tool to help school districts improve.
The Net Promoter Score asks your customers, “How likely are you to recommend (your product or service) to a friend?”  This specific question was chosen by Bain & Company after extensive research that revealed this question is the strongest indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.The Net Promoter Score provides a reliable metric and common language for your entire team.1
With the Net Promoter Score, your school district will also have benchmark for your various support functions. We can use this data to trouble shoot departments that have low scores.
The NPS survey also allows us to ask open ended-questions that allow us to open customer service loops with school leaders. These comments provide specific advice, constructive criticism, ideas for better processes, and recognition for excellent work. These comments are extremely valuable, because they frequently not only tell us what we need to fix, but also how best to fix it!
NPS surveys provide us a system of accountability. When a department is struggling to support the school leaders in a district, it can be difficult to hold central office leadership accountable. The survey shows us what departments need help, and what we need to address to help them.  We do continuous surveys yearly to ensure that improvement continues.
Implementing the NPS in your district means more than just doing a few surveys.  NPS is complete system that creates and closes customer experience loops. Your school leaders are well supported under an NPS system, which leads to better outcomes.

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