Customer Effort Score

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For decades, companies have sought to “delight” their customers. Organizations believed that by going above and beyond for their customers, they would become more loyal.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  CEB Global, a best practices insight company, through a large study of over 97,000 customers determined that customers penalize you for bad experiences but do not neccasarily reward you for good ones. The goal should be to reduce effort.

To put it simply, we are working towards “You made it easy” not “You exceeded my expectations”

Making problem solution easy is relatively straightforward in both diagnosing process problems, and implementing the solutions to these problems.  Finding out how to improve response and resolution times for support functions are often simple and based on the feedback we receive from school leaders.

School leaders need solutions to their problems that are streamlined as possible with minimal effort required.  Through quick feedback, we target reducing issue resolve time to allow school leaders to focus on instruction and better student outcomes.

The CES is also a great partner to the Net Promoter System, another key tool in our toolkit. While the NPS provides us a aggregate of all experiences, we can use quick-respsonse CES surveying as a transactional measure that gives us more specifics.

At Antrim the Customer Effort Score is a great asset in measuring and improving your district’s performance. Empowering school leaders to spend less time solving problems and more time focusing on students and teachers create better student outcomes.


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